Nestle's $6,000 Peanut Allergy Pill Has Been a Dud

2023-02-09 04:30:00 @ slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: When Nestle SA's peanut allergy medicine first hit the market in 2020, Robert Wood, the director of pediatric allergy at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, started preparing to offer it to the children Tweet

Pulitzer-Winning Journalist Claims US Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipeline

2023-02-09 03:10:00 @ slashdot

Seymour Hersh is a former New York Times and New Yorker reporter who won numerous awards for his investigative journalism, including a 1970 Pulitzer Prize for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War. In his first post to Substa Tweet

Bob Iger Announces 7,000 Layoffs As Disney+ Loses Subscribers

2023-02-09 02:30:00 @ slashdot

Bob Iger, in his first earnings call since returning to the company, announced Walt Disney Co. will shed 7,000 jobs as part of a broader effort to save $5.5 billion in costs. Disney is facing pressure to control costs and boost profits as it continues to l Tweet

US NIST Unveils Winning Encryption Algorithm For IoT Data Protection

2023-02-09 01:50:00 @ slashdot

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced that ASCON is the winning bid for the "lightweight cryptography" program to find the best algorithm to protect small IoT (Internet of Things) devices with limited hardware resources. Bleep Tweet

Hasbro Dilutes the Value of Magic: the Gathering, Bank of America Says

2023-02-09 01:10:00 @ slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Insider: Hasbro continues to dilute the brand value of its popular Magic: The Gathering card game, according to a Tuesday note from Bank of America, which said that the company faces a steep decline in its share pri Tweet

The entire prompt of Microsoft Bing Chat

2023-02-09 01:09:49 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 208 # Comments: 41 Tweet

How AI Can Prompt Your Inner Artist

2023-02-09 00:43:37 @ Nautilus blog

A cognitive scientist on the pleasures of generative image programs. The post How AI Can Prompt Your Inner Artist appeared first on Nautilus . Tweet

Craig Wright Cannot Copyright Bitcoin File Format, Court Rules

2023-02-09 00:30:00 @ slashdot

UnknowingFool writes: UK Judge James Mellor has thrown out Craig Wright's cases against Bitcoin derivatives like Bitcoin Cash as Wright cannot claim copyright on the Bitcoin file format. Wright had sued forks of Bitcoin claiming they breached his copyright Tweet

UK Apple Store Workers Sign First Union Contract

2023-02-08 23:50:00 @ slashdot

Months after a successful vote, Apple Store employees in Glasgow have become the company's first retail workers to form a union in the UK. Engadget reports: Apple and the trade union GMB Scotland have signed a collective bargaining agreement that theoretic Tweet

How Seawater Might Soak Up More Carbon

2023-02-08 23:28:46 @ Nautilus blog

Giving Earth an antacid could help slow climate change—but it's complicated. The post How Seawater Might Soak Up More Carbon appeared first on Nautilus . Tweet

The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder

2023-02-08 23:28:16 @ Nautilus blog

Why dirt on the moon (and Mars) would be dangerous to live with. The post The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder appeared first on Nautilus . Tweet

UK Proposes Making the Sale and Possession of Encrypted Phones Illegal

2023-02-08 23:10:00 @ slashdot

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: A section of the UK government has proposed making the sale or possession of bespoke encrypted phones for crime a criminal offense in its own right. The measure is intended to help the country's law enf Tweet

The Ten Year Journey of Facebook's App for iOS

2023-02-08 23:00:00 @ InfoQ

Facebook rewrote its iOS app in 2012 to take advantage of native performance and improve reliability and usability over its previous HTML5-based cross-platform implementation. In the ten years since the rewrite, the app codebase has evolved non-stop to a Tweet

Twitter starts limiting how many tweets you can post per day

2023-02-08 22:55:32 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 205 # Comments: 251 Tweet

Netflix's Password-Sharing Crackdown Hits Canada, But Not the US - Yet

2023-02-08 22:20:00 @ slashdot

Netflix is expanding its paid password sharing to subscribers in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain starting Wednesday, the company announced in a blog post. From a report: The company had already started testing the change -- in a few different form Tweet

Android 14 Preview 1 is Out, Will Officially Ban Installation of Old Apps

2023-02-08 21:40:00 @ slashdot

Android 14 is here -- or the first preview is, at least. From a report: Google is kicking off the months-long developer preview process for Android's latest version, which will get a final release in the second half of the year. Even with multiple previews Tweet

Microsoft Adds Adobe Acrobat PDF Tech To Its Edge Browser

2023-02-08 21:00:00 @ slashdot

BetaNews: Yesterday, Microsoft announced it would be bringing AI to its Edge browser thanks to a partnership with ChatGPT owner OpenAI. Today the software giant adds something that many people will be less keen on -- Acrobat PDF technology. Describing the Tweet

Mysterious Leak of Booking Reservation Data is Being Used To Scam Customers

2023-02-08 20:20:00 @ slashdot

For almost five years, customers have been on the receiving end of a continuous series of scams that clearly demonstrate that criminals have obtained travel plans and other personal information customers provided to the travel site. From a repo Tweet

Show HN: Filmbox, physically accurate film emulation, now on Linux and Windows

2023-02-08 20:13:06 @ Hacker News 200

We released Filmbox two years ago, and it has gotten a great response. It's been used in huge movies like "Everything Everywhere All At Once". It's been a huge rewrite to get this working on Linux and Windows from our original Mac and Metal code. We also Tweet

Microsoft's 'New Bing' Refuses To Write Cover Letter For a Job Saying It Would Be 'Unethical' and 'Unfair To Other Applicants'

2023-02-08 19:40:00 @ slashdot

An anonymous reader shares a report: In the test, I asked the new Bing -- now available in a trial format -- to write a cover letter for the position of social media content producer at Insider's bureau in Singapore. It flat out refused to do so. "I'm sorr Tweet

Windows 11: a spyware machine out of users' control

2023-02-08 19:39:54 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 361 # Comments: 231 Tweet

Linux 6.1 Officially Promoted To Being An LTS Kernel

2023-02-08 19:02:00 @ slashdot

Linux 6.1 was widely anticipated to be a Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel with normally the last major release series for the calendar year normally promoted to LTS status. Greg Kroah-Hartman as the Linux stable maintainer went ahead today and formally recog Tweet

Google Shows Off New AI Search Features, But a ChatGPT Rival is Still Weeks Away

2023-02-08 18:21:00 @ slashdot

Google demoed its latest advances in AI search at a live event in Paris on Wednesday -- but the features pale in comparison to Microsoft's announcement yesterday of the "new Bing," which the company has demoed extensively to the press and offered limited p Tweet


2023-02-08 18:18:31 @ ASF

Leading geospatial data platform for data scientists and engineers graduates to TLP Wilmington, DE – February 8, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 op Tweet

Road to Google Developers Certification: Google Cloud expert shares insight

2023-02-08 18:00:00 @ Google Developers

Posted by Komal Sandhu - Global Program Manager, Google Developer Groups Get insight into Google Cloud certifications and the Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud program from Google Cloud engineer, and Google Deve Tweet

Ask HN: How do you deal with information and internet addiction?

2023-02-08 17:52:44 @ Hacker News 200

I have noticed that I am getting more and more addicted to consuming information so I am listening to podcasts while working and I watch Youtube videos in my free time. This is all fun and interesting but I feel this makes me want to do things less and l Tweet

Breaking the Tracking Speed Limit With Webb

2023-02-08 16:59:51 @ Nasa Webb

In September, the James Webb Space Telescope observed as NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) intentionally smashed a spacecraft into a small asteroid, in the world’s first-ever in-space test for planetary defense. Today, we hear from Stefanie Mi Tweet

An example of modularizing a React application

2023-02-08 16:44:00 @ Martin Fowler

Juntao Qiu illuminates his general description of modularizing a React application with a small example of presenting a user a dynamic set of choices. more… Tweet

Zrok: Open-source peer to peer

2023-02-08 16:36:41 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 203 # Comments: 43 Tweet

What Lights the Universe’s Standard Candles?

2023-02-08 16:24:50 @ Quanta Magazine

Type Ia supernovas are astronomers’ best tools for measuring cosmic distances. In a first, researchers have managed to re-create one on a supercomputer, giving a boost to a leading hypothesis for how they form. The post What Lights the Univers Tweet

The K2 Compiler is going stable in Kotlin 2.0

2023-02-08 16:18:25 @ Kotlin Blog

We’ve been working on a new frontend for the Kotlin compiler (code-named “K2”) for quite a while. The frontend is the part of the compiler that parses your code and performs the semantic analysis, data flow analysis, call resolution, and type inference. Th Tweet

The K2 Compiler is going stable in Kotlin 2.0

2023-02-08 16:18:25 @ Kotlin news

We’ve been working on a new frontend for the Kotlin compiler (code-named “K2”) for quite a while. The frontend is the part of the compiler that parses your code and performs the semantic analysis, data flow analysis, call resolution, and type inference. Th Tweet

How can I get the original target of a shortcut without applying any 32-bit adjustments?

2023-02-08 16:00:00 @ old new thing

Disable the fancy tracking. The post How can I get the original target of a shortcut without applying any 32-bit adjustments? appeared first on The Old New Thing . Tweet

Why does 0.1 and 0.2 = 0.30000000000000004?

2023-02-08 15:50:26 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 250 # Comments: 282 Tweet

Update Regarding Kotlin/Native Targets

2023-02-08 15:31:41 @ Kotlin Blog

Kotlin/Native supports many targets thanks to its LLVM backend – 27 as of 1.8.0, to be exact! While most of the heavy lifting is already being done by LLVM, we still have a lot of work to do. For example, we still need to: Develop platform-dependent featur Tweet

Update Regarding Kotlin/Native Targets

2023-02-08 15:31:41 @ Kotlin news

Kotlin/Native supports many targets thanks to its LLVM backend – 27 as of 1.8.0, to be exact! While most of the heavy lifting is already being done by LLVM, we still have a lot of work to do. For example, we still need to: Develop platform-dependent featur Tweet

Google's live from Paris event private/deleted immediately

2023-02-08 15:14:46 @ Hacker News 200

Just watched the 'Google Live from Paris' event and it looked like a non-event to me. It seems that the livestream event was set private after it ended. (It was unlisted to begin with) They even forgot the phone used to demonstrate multisearch. This sugg Tweet

What 2023 will bring for PeerTube

2023-02-08 15:13:13 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 249 # Comments: 80 Tweet

Twitter restricted in Turkey in aftermath of earthquake

2023-02-08 14:51:14 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 703 # Comments: 508 Tweet

Why Steam Deck Is One of the Most Significant PC Gaming Moments in Years

2023-02-08 14:39:17 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 401 # Comments: 354 Tweet

The teen mental illness epidemic began around 2012

2023-02-08 14:32:35 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 397 # Comments: 451 Tweet

Meilisearch 1.0 – Open-source search engine built in Rust

2023-02-08 14:31:56 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 408 # Comments: 163 Tweet

Transparent telemetry for open-source projects

2023-02-08 14:19:39 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 207 # Comments: 89 Tweet

“How America took out the Nord Stream pipeline”

2023-02-08 13:50:05 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 501 # Comments: 794 Tweet

Ask HN: I just want to have fun programming again

2023-02-08 13:07:58 @ Hacker News 200

I've written in many very different languages in a professional full-time capacity in my many-year career. Now I'm interested in building something new and I have a clear idea in mind with some code already in C++ to proof-of-concept it for myself, but I Tweet

Hénon’s dynamical system

2023-02-08 11:59:35 @ The Endeavour

This post will reproduce a three plots from a paper of Hénon on dynamical systems from 1969 [1]. Let α be a constant, and pick some starting point in the plane, (x0, y0), then update x and y according to xn+1 = xn cos α − (yn − xn²) sin α yn+1 = xn sin [& Tweet

Azure Durable Functions Now Supports Storage Backends Microsoft Netherite and MSSQL

2023-02-08 11:00:00 @ InfoQ

Microsoft recently announced that Azure Durable Functions support for the new storage providers, Netherite and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), is generally available. By Steef-Jan Wiggers Tweet

Show HN: – Minimalistic sliding pieces puzzle game

2023-02-08 10:44:44 @ Hacker News 200

Hi, I wanted to share a simple game I wrote. It's a sliding pieces puzzle like many others. I have focused a lot on making the experience smooth and minimalistic and the levels being challenging in a way a sudoku or chess puzzles could be. I had no prio Tweet

OpenAI Releases an Advanced Classifier to Distinguish AI and Human Writing Styles

2023-02-08 09:39:00 @ InfoQ

OpenAI is releasing a trained classifier to distinguish between text written by a human and text written by AIs. This classifier comes from a growing need for technologies that can help discern between material authored by people and that written by mach Tweet

Software Security Report Finds JavaScript Applications Have Fewer Flaws Than Java and .NET

2023-02-08 08:00:00 @ InfoQ

Veracode's State of Software Security report for 2023 found that there is a 27% chance within a given month that security flaws will be introduced into an application. The report also found that JavaScript applications on average have fewer flaws and fas Tweet

Transmission 4.0

2023-02-08 07:14:57 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 214 # Comments: 43 Tweet

Understanding the Difference Between Stream.of() and IntStream.range()

2023-02-08 07:07:15 @ Baeldung

Learn about Stream.of() and IntStream.range() and learn about certain operations that may turn a Stream from "lazy" to "eager".               Tweet

Microsoft OpenJDK Introduces Experimental Feature for Improving Escape Analysis

2023-02-08 07:00:00 @ InfoQ

Microsoft announced an experimental feature, still under development, which improves the performance of escape analysis by increasing the opportunities for scalar replacement. Currently the feature is only available for Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, but mi Tweet

OpenTelemetry Setup in Spring Boot Application

2023-02-08 06:54:22 @ Baeldung

Deploying microservices can lead to challenges in tracing requests across those services. With OpenTelemetry we're able to capture logs from independent services and use them to observe traces of entire requests. We look at how to achieve this in Spring. Tweet

Validating IPv4 Address in Java

2023-02-08 06:43:43 @ Baeldung

We may wish to validate IP addresses from our settings files or other inputs. We look at a few ways to do this using libraries and plain Java code.               Tweet

This Week in Rust 481

2023-02-08 06:00:00 @ This Week in Rust

Hello and welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust ! Rust is a programming language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. This is a weekly summary of its progress and community. Want something mentioned? Tag us at @ThisWee Tweet

‘Confirming we are cleared to land?’ Who said what at Austin

2023-02-08 04:12:03 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 421 # Comments: 363 Tweet

Transmission v4.0

2023-02-08 03:52:22 @ Hacker News 200

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 267 # Comments: 100 Tweet

Applied Category Theory 2023

2023-02-08 02:00:26 @ John Carlos Baez

You can now submit a paper if you want to give a talk here: • 6th Annual International Conference on Applied Category Theory (ACT2023), University of Maryland, July 31 — August 4, 2023 The Sixth International Conference on Applied Category Theo Tweet

Applied Category Theory 2023

2023-02-08 02:00:26 @ Physics Phorums

You can now submit a paper if you want to give a talk here: • 6th Annual International Conference on Applied Category Theory (ACT2023), University of Maryland, July 31 — August 4, 2023 The Sixth International Conference on Applied Category Theo Tweet

Various and Sundry

2023-02-08 00:48:18 @ Not Even Wrong

A few things that may be of interest: Fermilab is continuing to push the wormhole publicity stunt, with Joe Lykken, the lab’s Deputy director for research on the 17th giving a public lecture on Wormholes in the Laboratory. The promotional … Co Tweet

The T-Shirt, a Fine Hypertext Product

2023-02-08 00:07:28 @ Daring Fireball

Jason Kottke: For much of the nearly 25-year lifespan of, the site’s tagline has been “home of fine hypertext products”. I always liked that it felt olde timey and futuristic at the same time, although hypertext itself has become antiquated Tweet

The ASF Launches #FirstASFContribution Campaign

2023-02-08 00:05:19 @ ASF

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects are driven by the enthusiasm and expertise of a global community collaborating on hundreds of projects. Across the ASF, thousands of people make contributions to projects every month. We want to tell the story of Tweet

Google and Mozilla Are Working on Versions of Chrome and Firefox for iOS That Don’t Use WebKit

2023-02-08 00:03:55 @ Daring Fireball

Ben Lovejoy, rounding up the latest in mobile browser news for 9to5Mac: Currently, anyone can create a new iPhone browser, but with one huge restriction: Apple insists that it uses the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari. [...] Apple is therefore e Tweet

Facebook’s iOS App Architecture

2023-02-07 23:39:58 @ Daring Fireball

Dustin Shahidehpour, writing for Facebook’s engineering blog: Facebook for iOS (FBiOS) is the oldest mobile codebase at Meta. Since the app was rewritten in 2012 , it has been worked on by thousands of engineers and shipped to billions of users, and Tweet

Joanna Stern on Microsoft’s New AI-Powered Bing

2023-02-07 23:21:00 @ Daring Fireball

Joanna Stern interviewed Satya Nadella about Microsoft’s OpenAI-powered improvements to Bing and Edge ( News+ link ): “We are grounded in the fact that Google dominates this [search] space,” Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella told me in an interv Tweet

Microsoft Announces New AI-Powered Bing Search and Edge Web Browser

2023-02-07 23:05:58 @ Daring Fireball

Yusuf Mehdi, consumer marketing chief at Microsoft: The new Bing experience is a culmination of four technical breakthroughs: Next-generation OpenAI model. We’re excited to announce the new Bing is running on a new, next-generation OpenAI large Tweet

Comparing Engagement on Twitter and the Fediverse

2023-02-07 20:09:00 @ Martin Fowler

My colleague Julien Deswaef recently compared engagement data for my Twitter and Mastodon posts. From this we can see that boosts and comments are very similar. Twitter does get significantly more likes, but considering I have nearly 20 times mor Tweet

‘Shift Happens: A Book About Keyboards’

2023-02-07 19:20:06 @ Daring Fireball

Marcin Wichary: Keyboards fascinated me for years. But it occurred to me that a good, comprehensive, and human story of keyboards — starting with typewriters and ending with modern computers and phones — has never been written. How did we get from the Tweet

Poe: New AI Chatbot App From Quora

2023-02-07 19:03:03 @ Daring Fireball

Sarah Perez, reporting for TechCrunch: Q&A platform Quora has opened up public access to its new AI chatbot app, Poe , which lets users ask questions and get answers from a range of AI chatbots, including those from ChatGPT maker, OpenAI , and Tweet

#WeArePlay | Meet Valentin from Austria. More stories from Spain, Argentina and Azerbaijan

2023-02-07 19:00:00 @ Google Developers

Posted by Leticia Lago, Developer Marketing In our first batch of #WeArePlay stories for 2023, discover the inspiring app founders sharing their knowledge with millions around the world: from cooking up the best recipes, learning bett Tweet

gopaddle, a Low Code Internal Developer Platform for MicroK8s and Edge

2023-02-07 19:00:00 @ InfoQ

gopaddle is a low-code internal developer platform (IDP) for MicroK8s edge cloud. It aims to simplify and accelerate the development of edge cloud applications by providing a web-based interface to Kubernetes developers for creating, deploying, and manag Tweet

Driving Action and Communication in AWS Amplify Open Source Projects

2023-02-07 18:02:38 @ AWS Open Source News

Learn about the processes and tools that the AWS Amplify team built and uses to help build a vibrant and responsive open source community. Tweet

Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning

2023-02-07 17:10:14 @ Quanta Magazine

“Liquid” neural nets, based on a worm’s nervous system, can transform their underlying algorithms on the fly, giving them unprecedented speed and adaptability. The post Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning first a Tweet

The frustration of finding a suitable time to hold a meeting when the participants are evenly spaced around the globe

2023-02-07 16:00:00 @ old new thing

Somebody has to suffer, but we try to make sure it's not the same person each time. The post The frustration of finding a suitable time to hold a meeting when the participants are evenly spaced around the globe appeared first on The Old New Thing . Tweet

Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns

2023-02-07 15:22:00 @ Martin Fowler

I've been working in front-end software for over three decades. A perennial problem has been mixing non-UI logic into the UI framework itself, leading to code that's both hard to understand and near-impossible to test. Despite being the hot new thi Tweet

Microsoft Open Sources AI Prompt Optimization Toolkit LMOps

2023-02-07 15:00:00 @ InfoQ

Microsoft Research open sourced LMOps, a collection of tools for improving text prompts used as input to generative AI models. The toolkit includes Promptist, which optimizes a user's text input for text-to-image generation, and Structured Prompting, a t Tweet

FOCS 2022 Program

2023-02-07 14:44:21 @ Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

Alvy Ray Smith designed the distinctive cover art that was a notable feature of FOCS proceedings until FOCS ended the production of printed proceedings in 2010. FOCS was founded in 1960 as the Symposium on Switching Circuit Theory and Logical Design. The 1 Tweet

Mediant approximation trick

2023-02-07 13:59:42 @ The Endeavour

Suppose you are trying to approximate some number x and you’ve got it sandwiched between two rational numbers: a/b < x < c/d. Now you’d like a better approximation. What would you do? The obvious approach would be to take the average o Tweet

Java Team Lead with Spring Experience (Remote) (Part Time)

2023-02-07 13:06:40 @ Baeldung

Looking for a Java Lead with Spring experience to join the Baeldung team.             Related Stories Java Course Team Lead with Spring Experience (Remote) (Part Time) Looking for a Backend Java/Spring De Tweet

Closing the NASA loop

2023-02-07 09:49:01 @

curl is actually something which is critical, especially to our data management system. It is being used very widely across NASA. Dr Steve Crawford 2020 Back in 2020 I started getting emails from NASA asking for details and specifics about curl’s ori Tweet

After you are notified that an article is accepted...

2023-02-07 02:56:00 @ Computational Complexity

 After just one round of referees reports (they send me the reports, I made the corrections, they were happy) I got email saying my paper on proving the primes are infinite FROM Schur's theorem in Ramsey was ACCEPTED. Yeah! Now What?  1) The j Tweet

Matthew Panzarino Interviews Apple Execs Tim Millet and Bob Borchers Re: M2 Macs

2023-02-07 02:40:35 @ Daring Fireball

Matthew Panzarino, writing at TechCrunch: The M1 whacked a big old reset button on those restrictions, putting portable back into the power computing lexicon. And with M2, Millet says, Apple did not want to milk a few percentage points of gains out of Tweet

Using and Testing Axon applications via REST

2023-02-07 02:25:45 @ Baeldung

Once we have the Axon framework in place, we can add REST APIs to it. We look at how to add these endpoints and how they're unit tested.               Tweet

Bard: Google’s Conversational AI Chat

2023-02-07 02:24:47 @ Daring Fireball

Sundar Pichai, writing for Google’s blog: We’ve been working on an experimental conversational AI service, powered by LaMDA, that we’re calling Bard. And today, we’re taking another step forward by opening it up to trusted testers ahead of making it m Tweet

Getty Images Sues AI Art Generator Stable Diffusion in the U.S. for Copyright Infringement

2023-02-07 02:13:11 @ Daring Fireball

James Vincent, reporting for The Verge: Getty Images has filed a lawsuit in the US against Stability AI, creators of open-source AI art generator Stable Diffusion, escalating its legal battle against the firm. The stock photography company is accusi Tweet

Yours Truly on ‘All Consuming’ With Noah Kalina and Adam Lisagor

2023-02-07 02:00:14 @ Daring Fireball

Noah Kalina and Adam Lisagor are back for season 2 of their delightful podcast All Consuming. This season they’re doing a topic per episode, and for “computers”, they had me on. Somehow it isn’t 10 hours long. Lisagor : It feels good to get excited Tweet

Feeling Blue, but Not Smelling Green

2023-02-07 01:55:46 @ Daring Fireball

Erin Woo, reporting for The Information: Around 180,000 people in the U.S. were paying for subscriptions to Twitter, including Twitter Blue, as of mid-January, or less than 0.2% of monthly active users, according to a document viewed by The Informatio Tweet

Securing Passwords in Docker

2023-02-07 01:39:10 @ Baeldung

Explore several methods to secure passwords in Docker, including using environment variables, a secret management system, and a key management system.             Related Stories What is the Default WORKDIR Tweet

Guide to HTTPie for Terminal

2023-02-07 01:34:04 @ Baeldung

Learn how to install and use the HTTPie CLI tool.               Tweet

How Do I Generate a Dashboard Report in JMeter?

2023-02-07 01:25:09 @ Baeldung

Learn about generating JMeter dashboard reports which are a more useful, efficient, and easy way to analyze data than mere text               Tweet

What Makes the Milky Way Special?

2023-02-07 01:24:41 @ Nautilus blog

One question for Miguel Aragon, a computational physicist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. The post What Makes the Milky Way Special? appeared first on Nautilus . Tweet

Single Assert Call for Multiple Properties in Java Unit Testing

2023-02-07 01:21:48 @ Baeldung

Learn three approaches to verifying multiple properties in one assert call using JUnit5 and AsssertJ.               Tweet

Edelweiss Interop Recap

2023-02-07 01:00:00 @ Ethereum blog

With The Merge now firmly behind us, protocol developers have been making progress across a (record?) number of areas over the past few months. Withdrawals, danksharding, EOF, verkle tries, history expiry, SSZ and more have all seen significant progress re Tweet

New – Visualize Your VPC Resources from Amazon VPC Creation Experience

2023-02-06 21:41:02 @ AWS Blog

Today we are announcing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) resource map, a new feature that simplifies the VPC creation experience in the AWS Management Console. This feature displays your existing VPC resources and their routing visually on a singl Tweet

[Sponsor] WorkOS

2023-02-06 19:48:46 @ Daring Fireball

WorkOS is like “Stripe for enterprise features.” They make it easy for developers to build features needed by enterprise customers, such as Single Sign-On and SCIM. Shipping these features is important because they enable selling upmarket for bigger dea Tweet

AWS Week in Review – February 6, 2023

2023-02-06 18:45:57 @ AWS Blog

This post is part of our Week in Review series. Check back each week for a quick roundup of interesting news and announcements from AWS! If you are looking for a new year challenge, the Serverless Developer Advocate team launched the 30 days of Serverless. Tweet

A badger badge for bagder

2023-02-06 16:38:45 @

At FOSDEM 2023, fossasia sold a fun badge with bright red 44×11 leds on them. Looking like this: Lots of people walked around the conference this year with sarcastic or otherwise amusing messages scrolling or blinking on them. GitHub Social When a few Tweet

How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Possible Realities

2023-02-06 16:00:05 @ Quanta Magazine

Richard Feynman’s path integral is both a powerful prediction machine and a philosophy about how the world is. But physicists are still struggling to figure out how to use it, and what it means. The post How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Po Tweet

It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: Reading the user’s saved passwords

2023-02-06 16:00:00 @ old new thing

Only the user can read their own saved passwords, so you must already have gained total control over the user. The post It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway: Reading the user’s saved passwords appeared first on T Tweet

Back From A Vacation

2023-02-06 14:22:30 @ Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

I am just back from a multi-week vacation on the cruise ship the Voyager. My dear wife—Kathryn Farley—and I were on the trip together with her brother. It was wonderful. It was relaxing and terrific. Well Not Exactly When I first got on the shi Tweet

iPad Customizable Toolbars

2023-02-06 11:20:25 @ Use Your Loaf

Many macOS apps support customizing the toolbar by adding, removing and rearranging the available items. In iOS 16, Apple brought this feature to the iPad. Toolbar Placement When you add items to a navigation toolbar you can choose semantic placement Tweet

Trenes que no caben por los túneles

2023-02-06 10:00:00 @ brucknerite

Parece que algunos de vosotros, lectores (¿tengo lectores?), estáis interesados en que cuente algo sobre esta noticia: El error de Adif con el gálibo de los túneles retrasa la renovación de trenes en Feve (Diario de León). A priori, la cosa parece extremad Tweet

VMware Tanzu Application Platform Adds Buildpack Improvements and Application Limits

2023-02-06 08:00:00 @ InfoQ

VMware released a number of new features for the Tanzu Application Platform and the Tanzu Application Service. Tanzu Application Platform provides a multi-cloud platform that runs on Kubernetes. Tanzu Application Service is a delivery and operations plat Tweet

JobRunr, the Java Scheduler Library, Releases Version 6.0

2023-02-06 07:00:00 @ InfoQ

JobRunr, a Java library designed to handle background tasks in a reliable manner within a JVM instance, released the new version 6.0 after a year of development since the release of version 5.0 in March 2022. By Andrea Messetti Tweet

Java News Roundup: Helidon 4.0-Alpha4, Spring, GlassFish, Quarkus, Ktor, (Re)Introducing RIFE2

2023-02-06 03:30:00 @ InfoQ

This week's Java roundup for January 30th, 2023, features news from JDK 20, JDK 21, Spring Tools 4.17.2, GlassFish 7.0.1, Quarkus 2.16.1, Helidon 4.0.0.-ALPHA4, Hibernate Search 6.1.8 and 5.11.12, PrimeFaces 11.0.10 and 12.0.3, Apache Commons CSV 1.10.0, Tweet

The potential to empower disenfranchised communities in Latin America using Ethereum

2023-02-06 01:00:00 @ Ethereum blog

The following is an update from Ethereum Foundation Fellow Marcus AM. Hola 👋, my name is Marcus and I'm a researcher and builder from Guatemala, and an EF Fellow. An optimist at heart, I’m driven by leveraging social, cultural and technological innovatio Tweet

A Public GitHub Repo != A Support Contract

2023-02-06 01:00:00 @ Atomic14

TLDR - Cloners beware! Before I begin my rant, I think it’s important to make a distinction between making a GitHub repo public and “Open Sourcing” a project. Slapping on a random LICENSE file and making the repo public does not an Open Source proje Tweet

Connor Oliver’s Favorite Computer: An Old Mac

2023-02-05 22:15:30 @ Daring Fireball

Connor Oliver: This Mac has no form of notification system built in, it never begs for your attention and its applications never try to distract you from what you are doing, begging you to look at them instead. If I get distracted while using this Mac Tweet

Louie Mantia: Pixel Pirate

2023-02-05 20:15:46 @ Daring Fireball

Nice remembrance from Louie Mantia of his days working as an icon/UI designer at Apple circa 2010–2011.  ★  Tweet

The Italian Sixth

2023-02-05 19:59:22 @ John Carlos Baez

I showed my wife Lisa a nice video of Tommaso Zillio explaining a chord called the ‘Italian 6th’: But she had a complaint: where the chords finally resolve to a C major triad, he writes the final chord as CCE—but those first two notes don Tweet

The Italian Sixth

2023-02-05 19:59:22 @ Physics Phorums

I showed my wife Lisa a nice video of Tommaso Zillio explaining a chord called the ‘Italian 6th’: But she had a complaint: where the chords finally resolve to a C major triad, he writes the final chord as CCE—but those first two notes don Tweet

Octosuite: a GitHub Open Source Intelligence Framework

2023-02-05 18:30:00 @ InfoQ

Octosuite, an open-source intelligence (OSINT) framework, recently released its latest version 3.1.0. Octosuite provides a wide range of commands to investigate publicly-visible GitHub accounts and repositories through GitHub’s Public APIs. Written in Py Tweet

Artificial Intelligence Just Lost a Leader

2023-02-05 16:03:39 @ Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP

Plus a position-search announcement from NSF Roger Schank just passed away. Roger was a top leader of AI. I overlapped with him for my time at Yale. In 1974, he became a professor of computer science and psychology at Yale University. In 1981, Schank becam Tweet

Go 1.20 Improves Compiler Performance and Extends Coverage Support

2023-02-05 14:00:00 @ InfoQ

The latest release of the Go language, Go 1.20, improves compiler performance, bringing it back in line with Go 1.17. Additionally, the language now supports conversion from slice to arrays and revises struct comparison. By Sergio De Simone Tweet

Infrastructure from Code: the New Wave of Cloud Infrastructure Management

2023-02-05 08:00:00 @ InfoQ

Infrastructure-from-Code (IfC) is an approach that creates, configures, and manages cloud resources understanding a software application's source code, without explicit description. By Claudio Masolo Tweet

Permit Elements Enables Low-Code User-Managed Access Control

2023-02-05 08:00:00 @ InfoQ has released Permit Elements, a low-code end-user authentication interface builder. Permit Elements allows developers to embed interfaces enabling their end-users to decide which roles have permission to perform actions. At the time of release, Tweet

Reading PDF File Using Java

2023-02-05 02:09:40 @ Baeldung

Learn two different ways of reading PDF files in Java using the popular Apache PDFBox and iText libraries.               Tweet

Glenn Fleishman on Getting Started on Mastodon

2023-02-04 20:46:19 @ Daring Fireball

Glenn Fleishman at TidBITS: You can think of Mastodon as a flotilla of boats of vastly different sizes, whereas Twitter is like being on a cruise ship the size of a continent. Some Mastodon boats might be cruise liners with as many as 50,000 passenger Tweet

Azure Now Supports Database as a Service Couchbase Capella

2023-02-04 11:00:00 @ InfoQ

A cloud database platform company Couchbase recently announced that its Capella database as a Service (DBaaS) offering as a fully-managed service is available on Azure. By Steef-Jan Wiggers Tweet

“2001: A Space Odyssey” Directed by George Lucas?

2023-02-04 05:05:18 @ Daring Fireball

Holy hell this is absolutely amazing. Now do Star Wars directed by Stanley Kubrick. Wait, they did it a year ago  — not quite as sublime as Lucas’s 2001 but the docking scene is great.  ★  Tweet


2023-02-04 00:56:26 @ Daring Fireball

Yours truly and Ben Thompson’s podcast — two episodes per week, 15 minutes per episode. Not a minute less, not a minute more. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out. Best $5/month you’ll ever spend, trust me. Or, for a remarkable price of ju Tweet

The New York Times’s ‘Big Tech’ Jihad Has Little Room for Per-Company Nuance

2023-02-04 00:38:48 @ Daring Fireball

Tripp Mickle, Karen Weise, and Nico Grant, writing for The New York Times in a story that seemingly didn’t need three bylines: Now chastened, many tech companies have begun the year by championing a new and unfamiliar business strategy: austerity. I Tweet

What Is Scientific Discovery Worth?

2023-02-04 00:15:13 @ Nautilus blog

The quest to detect neutrinos has physicists—and society—asking hard questions. The post What Is Scientific Discovery Worth? appeared first on Nautilus . Tweet

Report It All, See What Sticks

2023-02-03 23:55:36 @ Daring Fireball

Mark Gurman, over the weekend in his Power On column/newsletter at Bloomberg: Apple’s first mixed-reality device, likely to be dubbed the Reality Pro, will launch this year with an immense amount of new technology, ranging from dual 4K displays to a f Tweet

Exploring Mastodon: status for February 2023

2023-02-03 23:52:00 @ Martin Fowler

I haven't posted much on my Mastodon usage in the this year, and that's because the situation has settled down for me. Reading-wise I check both my Twitter and my Mastodon accounts. I'm still posting to both feeds and intend to do that for the foreseeable Tweet

AWS Teams with OSTIF on Open Source Security Audits

2023-02-03 20:05:24 @ AWS Open Source News

AWS will be directly funding $500,000 to the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF) as a portion of our ongoing investments in supply chain security.  Tweet

Samsung’s Plans for XR Devices

2023-02-03 20:05:19 @ Daring Fireball

Chris Velazco, writing for The Washington Post: Roh would not elaborate on the specifics of Samsung’s first new XR product, which will not appear at Wednesday’s launch event. “We’re getting there, but we’re not too far away,” he said. Translation: Tweet

iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 595 - Feb 3rd 2023

2023-02-03 19:55:00 @ iOS Weekly

Comment It has been a while since Apple created the Swift Server Workgroup (SSWG) , and while many more workgroups have spawned since then, one aspect of the SSWG remains unique. The package incubation process Tweet

Tom Brady Retires Again, Before Dawn

2023-02-03 19:46:18 @ Daring Fireball

Dan Lyons, Sports Illustrated: A source told Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop that Brady called the team around 6 a.m. ET. on Wednesday morning to inform them of his decision, two hours before he announced the decision to the rest of the world. He was Tweet

Enable fast pass development with Google Wallet demo mode

2023-02-03 19:00:00 @ Google Developers

Posted by Google Pay Developers team What is demo mode? We want to make it easier for you to develop and test Google Wallet passes so that you can create new, engaging experiences for your customers. Today, you can sign up in the Goo Tweet

Reproducible Kotlin Compiler Artifacts

2023-02-03 16:44:00 @ Kotlin Blog

In the Kotlin team, security is always a priority. Being an open-source programming language inherently provides Kotlin with significant security guarantees and protection against potentially malicious code being added to our codebase. However, just being Tweet

Reproducible Kotlin Compiler Artifacts

2023-02-03 16:44:00 @ Kotlin news

In the Kotlin team, security is always a priority. Being an open-source programming language inherently provides Kotlin with significant security guarantees and protection against potentially malicious code being added to our codebase. However, just being Tweet

Inside C++/WinRT: Coroutine completions: Cancellation propagation

2023-02-03 16:00:00 @ old new thing

Giving up. The post Inside C++/WinRT: Coroutine completions: Cancellation propagation appeared first on The Old New Thing . Tweet

The ordered partial partition polytope

2023-02-03 14:48:55 @ Complex Projective 4-Space | Where exciting things happen

In the tensor rank paper we introduced a new family of axis-aligned n-dimensional polytopes, one for each positive integer n. The vertices are naturally identified with ordered partial partitions (OPPs) of {1, …, n}, and the edges correspond to conve Tweet

Java Weekly, Issue 475

2023-02-03 10:13:43 @ Baeldung

Fast Java 21, compact strings, static mocks, native GC for Quarkus, async stack trace, and non-vulnerable microservices!               Tweet

Podcast CB SyR 401: rotación terrestre, JWST, Virgo, Medina Azahara y agujeros negros

2023-02-03 09:43:07 @ La Ciencia de la Mula Francis

He participado en el episodio 401 del podcast Coffee Break: Señal y Ruido [iVoox, iTunes], titulado “Ep401: Rotación Terrestre; JWST; VIRGO; Medina Azahara; Agujeros Negros», 02 feb 2023. «La tertulia semanal en la que repasamos las […] La entrada Tweet

Return Absolute Difference of Two Integers in Java

2023-02-03 07:09:16 @ Baeldung

Explore calculating the absolute difference between two integers.               Tweet

Federico Viticci: ‘The Practicality of Art in Software’

2023-02-03 03:08:05 @ Daring Fireball

Federico Viticci: We can’t talk about art in software in a vacuum. As a computer maker or app developer, you have to strike that balance between the aspirational and the practical, the artistic and the functional — the kind of balance that, by and lar Tweet

‘Twitter Is Killing Off the Fun Bots’

2023-02-03 02:54:23 @ Daring Fireball

Katie Notopoulos and Pranav Dixit, reporting for BuzzFeed News: Other bots are simply just fun. @ ca_dmv_bot tweets out vanity plates that were rejected by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, along with the DMV’s reasoning. The bot’s creatio Tweet

Grantee Roundup - Q1 2023

2023-02-03 01:00:00 @ Ethereum blog

It’s always fun to hear about new grants as they’re awarded, but what happens after the announcement? In this series, we check in on projects that are well underway or already at the finish line. You may have noticed something different—instead of monthly Tweet

Apple Q1 2023 Results

2023-02-03 00:30:47 @ Daring Fireball

Apple Newsroom: Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2023 first quarter ended December 31, 2022. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $117.2 billion, down 5 percent year over year, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $1.88 Tweet

Meta Lost $13.7 Billion on Reality Labs in 2022

2023-02-03 00:00:02 @ Daring Fireball

Speaking of Meta’s quarterly results: In its earnings report after the bell on Wednesday, Meta said its Reality Labs division, home to the company’s virtual reality technologies and projects, posted a $4.28 billion operating loss in the fourth quarter Tweet

Lagrange multiplier setup: Now what?

2023-02-02 23:05:15 @ The Endeavour

Suppose you need to optimize, i.e. maximize or minimize, a function f(x). If this is a practical problem and not a textbook exercise, you probably need to optimize f(x) subject to some constraint on x, say g(x) = 0. Hmm. Optimize one function subject to a Tweet

Meta Reports Strong Earnings, Stock Jumps ~25 Percent

2023-02-02 23:00:00 @ Daring Fireball

CNBC: Meta shares popped in extended trading on Wednesday after the company reported fourth-quarter revenue that topped estimates and announced a $40 billion stock buyback. Here are the results. [...] Daily Active Users (DAUs): 2 billion vs 1.99 b Tweet

Twitter Is Turning Off All Free Access to Their APIs Next Week (Or at Least That’s the Plan as of Today)

2023-02-02 22:57:54 @ Daring Fireball

The Twitter Dev account: Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead. At least they gave some notice this time, but it’s emblematic of how seat-of-M Tweet

Interview with Top Kotlin Contributors - Highlighting their Contributions to the Google Dev Library

2023-02-02 19:00:00 @ Google Developers

Posted by Swathi Dharshna Subbaraj, Project Coordinator, Google Dev Library In May 2017, Google recognized the potential of Kotlin in the mobile developer community and made it an official language for Android development. As a result, t Tweet

Mathematicians Eliminate Long-Standing Threat to Knot Conjecture

2023-02-02 16:00:28 @ Quanta Magazine

A new proof shows that a knot some thought would contradict the famed slice-ribbon conjecture doesn’t. The post Mathematicians Eliminate Long-Standing Threat to Knot Conjecture first appeared on Quanta Magazine Tweet

Hyperlinking to Hutchison Whampoa Limited is still forbidden

2023-02-02 16:00:01 @ old new thing

Didn't make you look. The post Hyperlinking to Hutchison Whampoa Limited is still forbidden appeared first on The Old New Thing . Tweet

Inside C++/WinRT: Coroutine completions: Avoiding reentrant completion

2023-02-02 16:00:00 @ old new thing

Resuming the coroutine directly, rather than consuming yet more stack. The post Inside C++/WinRT: Coroutine completions: Avoiding reentrant completion appeared first on The Old New Thing . Tweet


2023-02-02 15:39:00 @ Computational Complexity

Nature laid out their ground rules for large language models like ChatGPT including No LLM tool will be accepted as a credited author on a research paper. That is because any attribution of authorship carries with it accountability for the work, and Tweet