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Scientists Create DVD-Sized Disk Storing 1 Petabit (125,000 Gigabytes) of Data

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 22:34:00

Popular Science points out that for encoding data, "optical disks almost always offer just a single, 2D layer — that reflective, silver underside." "If you could boost a disk's number of available, encodable layers, however, you could hypotheticall

The Companies Helping Governments Hack Citizens' Phones: a 'Thriving' Industry

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 21:34:00

Fast Company notes that "the deadly impacts of Pegasus and other cyberweapons — wielded by governments from Spain to Saudi Arabia against human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and others — is by now well documented. A wave of scrutiny a

When is it worth the time and effort to verify a proof FORMALLY?

Computational Complexity @ 2024-02-25 20:40:00

(This post was inspired by Lance's tweet and later post on part of IP=PSPACE being formally verified.)  We now have the means to verify that a proof (prob just some proofs)  is correct (one could quibble about verifying the verifier but we

AT&T Will Issue $5 Reimbursements For 12-Hour Outage

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 20:34:00

CNN reports: AT&T is reimbursing customers for the nearly 12-hour network outage on Thursday, the company announced in a news release. The mobile network will issue a $5 credit to "potentially impacted" AT&T Wireless customers, which it says is th

Remembering How Plan 9 Evolved at Bell Labs

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 19:34:00

jd (Slashdot reader #1,658) writes: The Register has been running a series of articles about the evolution of Unix, from humble beginnings to the transition to Plan9. There is a short discussion of why Plan9 and its successors never really took off (despit

In Netflix's New Sci-Fi Movie 'Spaceman', an Introverted Astronaut Confronts Isolation

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 18:34:00

Netflix's new sci-fi drama Spaceman centers on Czech astronaut Jakub Procházk, described by Polygon as "painfully introverted, emotionally repressed, and above all, quiet... so muted and compressed, he seems like a trauma victim." The film, adapted

Texas Just Got a New 1.1-Million-Panel Solar Farm

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 17:34:00

An anonymous reader shared this report from Electrek: Renewable developer Clearway Energy Group has completed a 452-megawatt (MW) solar farm in West Texas — and it's huge... It's built on around 5,000 acres of land and features over 1.1 million sola

Oklahoma Man Hacked US Government Site To Buy Cars At Auction For $1

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 16:34:00

A U.S. government auction site was breached by an Oklahoma man, reports NBC News. So when it came time to pay up on his winning bids, he "falsified the true auction price to $1," according to the U.S. attorney's office. He defrauded the government out of

Pelea en la cumbre del 960

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-25 16:23:58

El duelo rápido entre Carlsen y Caruana fue trepidante desde los primeros lances hasta que el estadounidense encontró un recurso espectacular

How to Pretty-Print a Map in Java

Baeldung @ 2024-02-25 15:51:44

Learn different approaches for pretty-printing maps in Java.              

Increase the Memory Size Limit on IntelliJ IDEA

Baeldung @ 2024-02-25 15:48:50

A quick and practical guide to increasing memory size limit on Intellij IDEA.              

Create JavaType From Class with Jackson

Baeldung @ 2024-02-25 15:33:52

Learn how to build instances of JavaType from Class objects with the help of the Jackson library.              

Find an Unique Email Address in a List

Baeldung @ 2024-02-25 15:29:09

Explore various techniques for isolating unique email addresses from a Java list.              

Show HN: Reverse-Engineering a Switch Lite with 1,917 wires

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-25 15:27:54

Hey Hackers. This is a project I solo-developed that turns completed PCB assemblies into an easy to use boardview with some accompanying boardscans. There are lots of easier and better ways of doing this, but this is an experimentation to do it as cheapl

Message Acknowledgement in Spring Cloud AWS SQS v3

Baeldung @ 2024-02-25 15:26:41

Learn how to use the Spring Cloud AWS SQS v3 library to interact with AWS queues with different message acknowledgement modes.              

Simple Web Server in Java 18

Baeldung @ 2024-02-25 15:09:07

Learn about Simple Web Server in Java 18 and how it works.              

Moon Landing's Payloads Include Archive of Human Knowledge, Lunar Data Center Test, NFTs

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 13:34:00

In 2019 a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched an Israeli spacecraft carrying a 30-million page archive of human civilization to the moon. Unfortunately, that spacecraft crashed. But thanks to this week's moon landing by the Odysseus, there's now a 30-million

Area of quadrilateral as a determinant

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-25 13:33:30

I’ve written several posts about how determinants come up in geometry. These determinants often look similar, having columns related to coordinates and a column of ones. You can find several examples here along with an explanation for this pattern.

NuGet 6.9 Released: dotnet Search Command Support and Visual Studio UI Multitargeting

InfoQ @ 2024-02-25 12:11:00

In the latest release of NuGet version 6.9, developers can expect several new features and bug fixes which have been introduced. Among the key additions are enhancements to the multi-targeting experience within Visual Studio and the incorporation of supp

Swift OpenAPI Generator Reaches 1.0

InfoQ @ 2024-02-25 12:00:00

Open-sourced six months ago, the Swift OpenAPI Generator is now stable. Version 1.0 brings new features and a simplified API. By Sergio De Simone

Hallucination is inevitable: An innate limitation of large language models

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-25 10:28:39

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 234 # Comments: 293

What Happened After Peter Thiel Paid 271 Students to Drop Out of College?

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 09:34:00

Since 2010, billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel has offered to pay about 20 students $100,000 to drop out of school each year "to start companies or nonprofits," reports the Wall Street Journal. His program has now backed 271 people, and this year the ap

Earth just experienced its hottest 12 months in recorded history

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-25 08:01:38

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 233 # Comments: 329

Amazon Q Data Integration in AWS Glue Simplifies Data Transformation on AWS

InfoQ @ 2024-02-25 07:29:00

Recently, AWS announced the preview of a new feature for AWS Glue, enabling customers to use natural language for authoring and troubleshooting data integration jobs. With Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue, developers can provide a description of the

How 'Smart Keys' Have Fueled a New Wave of Car Thefts

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 05:34:00

"One London resident watched on CCTV as a thief walked up to his £40,000 car and drove away," reports the Observer. "Now manufacturers say they are being drawn in to a hi-tech 'arms race' with criminals." [H]i-tech devices disguised as handheld gam

Scientists Pursue Cancer Vaccines Tailored to the Genetic Makeup of an Individual's Tumor

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 03:34:00

"The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which selects Nobel laureates in chemistry and physics, last week awarded Dr. Wu its Sjöberg Prize in honor of 'decisive contributions' to cancer research," reports CNN. Their profile of the oncologist from Bo

‘iMessage With PQ3: The New State of the Art in Quantum-Secure Messaging at Scale’

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-25 01:27:54

Apple: Historically, messaging platforms have used classical public key cryptography, such as RSA, Elliptic Curve signatures, and Diffie-Hellman key exchange, to establish secure end-to-end encrypted connections between devices. All these algorithms a

License Plate-Scanning Company Violates Privacy of Millions of California Drivers, Argues Class Action

slashdot @ 2024-02-25 00:34:00

"If you drive a car in California, you may be in for a payday thanks to a lawsuit alleging privacy violations by a Texas company," report SFGate: The 2021 lawsuit, given class-action status in September, alleges that Digital Recognition Network is breakin

Nvidia Is Crushing It

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-24 23:49:47

Asa Fitch, reporting for the WSJ: Chief Executive Jensen Huang described AI as hitting “the tipping point” and indicated demand for the computing power that underlies AI remained astronomical. “Demand is surging worldwide across companies, industries

Boeing Removes Head of Its 737 Max Program After January's 'Door Bolts' Incident

slashdot @ 2024-02-24 23:34:00

On Wednesday Boeing "removed executive Ed Clark, the head of its 737 Max passenger jet program," reports CNN, "after a dramatic — and terrifying — midair blowout in January underscored ongoing problems with the jet." A preliminary report by

Are Apple’s FineWoven iPhone Cases Shoddy?

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-24 23:16:47

Joanna Stern, in her weekly newsletter: There it is, everyone. My iPhone 15 Pro Max’s FineWoven case after five months of use. The edges are peeling, the fabric is scratched up like an old CD and it’s browning like a rotten banana. I’ve been waiting f

Does offering ChatGPT a tip cause it to generate better text?

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 22:57:33

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 246 # Comments: 144

How Does Bluesky Work?

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 22:38:04

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 224 # Comments: 72

New York Will Start Requiring Credentials for All CS Teachers

slashdot @ 2024-02-24 22:34:00

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: In 2012, Microsoft President Brad Smith unveiled Microsoft's National Talent Strategy, which called for K-12 Computer Science education for U.S. schoolchildren to address a "talent crisis [that] endangers long-term

Covid Death Toll in US Likely 16% Higher Than Official Tally, Study Says

slashdot @ 2024-02-24 21:34:00

The Guardian reports: The Covid death toll in the U.S. is likely at least 16% higher than the official tally, according to a new study, and researchers believe the cause of the undercounting goes beyond overloaded health systems to a lack of awareness of C (2021)

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 21:33:47

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 276 # Comments: 49

‘AirPods Extreme’ Was Considered as a Name for AirPods Pro

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-24 19:20:07

Joe Rossignol, with a fun little post at MacRumors: In the months leading up to Apple announcing the AirPods Pro in October 2019, the company considered changing the name of the wireless headphones to AirPods Extreme, according to internal informatio

Google helped destroy adoption of RSS feeds (2023)

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 19:16:19

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 894 # Comments: 309

A very accurate logarithm approximation

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-24 18:43:31

The previous post looked at an efficient way to approximate nth roots of fractions near 1 by hand. This post does the same for logarithms. As before, we assume x = p/q and define s = p + q d = p − q Because we’re interested in values of x near 1, d

Handy approximation for roots of fractions

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-24 17:17:53

This post will discuss a curious approximation with a curious history. Approximation Let x be a number near 1, written as a fraction x = p / q. Then define s and d as the sum and difference of the numerator and denominator. s = p + q d = p − q Since we [&

This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through February 24)

Singularity Hub @ 2024-02-24 16:00:09

COMPUTING Nvidia Hardware Is Eating the World Lauren Goode | Wired “Talking to Jensen Huang should come with a warning label. The Nvidia CEO is so invested in where AI is headed that, after nearly 90 minutes of spirited conversation, I came away

Institutions try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 15:53:08

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 1409 # Comments: 928

OAuth2 Backend for Frontend With Spring Cloud Gateway

Baeldung @ 2024-02-24 15:38:57

In this tutorial, we implement the OAuth2 Backend for Frontend (BFF) pattern with Spring Cloud Gateway and spring-addons.              

Install OpenJDK on Windows

Baeldung @ 2024-02-24 15:06:26

In this article, we look at various approaches to installing OpenJDK on a Windows environment.              

Check if String is Base64 Encoded

Baeldung @ 2024-02-24 14:36:00

Explore several methods of verifying if a string is Base64 encoded..              

Check if Two Strings Are Rotations of Each Other

Baeldung @ 2024-02-24 14:27:20

Learn multiple algorithms to check whether a string is a rotation of another string including examples and complexity analysis.              

Difference Between thenApply() and thenApplyAsync() in CompletableFuture

Baeldung @ 2024-02-24 14:24:50

Explore the functionalities and differences between the thenApply() and thenApplyAsync() methods in Java's CompletableFuture.              

Calling Custom Database Functions With JPA and Spring Boot

Baeldung @ 2024-02-24 14:22:03

Explore various approaches to calling custom database functions within JPA and Spring Boot applications.              

Russian Scientists Expect a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer by End of 2024

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-24 14:19:22

Insider Brief A Russian scientific advisor told the country’s media service that the team has successfully developed a 20-qubit quantum computer. They also told the media service that they have plans to up the qubit number to “50 to 100̶

Carlsen comprende mejor

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-24 13:20:41

El ‘número uno’ del ajedrez normal lo es también del 960 en sus albores porque capta mejor la esencia de cada posición inicial

Power Metal: is it really about dragons? (2018)

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 08:47:15

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 285 # Comments: 156

Google Introduces Firestore Multiple Databases

InfoQ @ 2024-02-24 08:01:00

Google Cloud recently announced the general availability of Firestore Multiple Databases. The new feature is designed to isolate customer data and facilitate the management of microservices, as well as development, test, and staging environments. By Re

Please make your table headings sticky

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 04:16:51

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 329 # Comments: 72

Losing two jobs in one year

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 04:16:05

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 229 # Comments: 177

Structure of Polynomials

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP @ 2024-02-24 04:01:15

A feature in the current AMS Notices issue highlighting women in mathematics Marie-Françoise Roy is a French mathematician, emerita of the Institute for Mathematical Research of the University of Rennes, where she has been since 1985. She works in rea

GPT in 500 Lines of SQL

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 03:45:31

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 1048 # Comments: 72

Major Browser Vendors Announce Interop 2024 to Solve Incompatibility Issues

InfoQ @ 2024-02-24 03:41:00

Browser makers Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, alongside consultancies Bocoup and Igalia, recently announced Interop 2024, a project to promote web browser interoperability. Interop 2024 includes 17 focus areas addressing layout, styling, user int

Science Is the New Nuclear Deterrent

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-24 00:34:25

Sarah Scoles on her 3 greatest revelations while writing Countdown: The Blinding Future of Nuclear Weapons. The post Science Is the New Nuclear Deterrent appeared first on Nautilus .

When Calamity Comes at a Crawl

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-24 00:14:33

Climate change may exacerbate the quiet catastrophe of slow-moving landslides. The post When Calamity Comes at a Crawl appeared first on Nautilus .

A former Gizmodo writer changed name to 'Slackbot', stayed undetected for months

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-24 00:10:11

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 347 # Comments: 130

Generative Models: What do they know? Do they know things? Let's find out

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 23:46:46

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 368 # Comments: 117

Meta's new LLM-based test generator

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 23:04:58

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 352 # Comments: 183

Tell HN: Equifax free credit report dark patterns

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 20:49:03

For years, I have been obtaining free annual credit reports ( which must be provided by law. Recently, for the first time, when I tried to obtain my Equifax report, I was prompted for an email address and a mobile phone number, a n

Elon Musk Says First Neuralink Patient Can Move Computer Cursor With Mind

Singularity Hub @ 2024-02-23 20:48:19

Neural interfaces could present an entirely new way for humans to connect with technology. Elon Musk says the first human user of his startup Neuralink’s brain implant can now move a mouse cursor using their mind alone. While brain-machine interfaces

Uncovering names masked with stars

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-23 20:34:27

Sometimes I’ll see things like my name partially concealed as J*** C*** and think “a lot of good that does.” Masking letters reveals more than people realize. For example, when you see that someone’s first name is four letters and

iOS Dev Weekly - Issue 649 - Feb 23rd 2024

iOS Weekly @ 2024-02-23 20:17:29

Comment I know it's possibly a less popular opinion recently, but I still love and appreciate developers who put their time and attention to platform fit on Apple platforms. I also love it when Apple makes i

Scuttlebutt social network: a decentralised platform

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 20:14:18

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 228 # Comments: 136

Podcast CB SyR 452: Transistor sináptico de muaré, Planeta 9, universo espejo de materia oscura y plasma quark-gluón

La Ciencia de la Mula Francis @ 2024-02-23 20:01:27

He participado en el episodio 452 del podcast Coffee Break: Señal y Ruido [Acast A, Acast B; iVoox A, iVoox B; iTunes A y iTunes B], titulado “Ep452: Neurotransistores; Planeta 9; Materia Oscura; Plasma Quark-Gluón», 22 feb 2024. «La tertulia […]

Mistral AI models coming soon to Amazon Bedrock

AWS Blog @ 2024-02-23 18:44:52

Mistral AI, an AI company based in France, is on a mission to elevate publicly available models to state-of-the-art performance. They specialize in creating fast and secure large language models (LLMs) that can be used for various tasks, from chatbots to c

Show HN: OK-Robot: open, modular home robot framework for pick-and-drop anywhere

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 18:23:23

Hi all, excited to share our latest work, OK-Robot, which is an open and modular framework to perform navigation and manipulation with a robot assistant in practically any homes without having to teach the robot anything new! You can simply unbox the tar

Los manjares no cansan

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-23 17:58:00

La creación de belleza, como la de este problema de mate en dos, es la parte artística del ajedrez, que vale para todas sus modalidades

Almost ASCII

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-23 17:54:43

I was working recently with a gigabyte file that had a dozen non-ASCII characters. This is very common. The ASCII character set is not quite big enough for a lot of tasks. Of course it’s completely inadequate if you’re writing Japanese, but it

Mamba: The Easy Way

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 17:11:58

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 269 # Comments: 60

Certain dogs are capable of learning the names for more than 100 different toys

Hacker News 200 @ 2024-02-23 16:31:53

Article URL: Comments URL: Points: 250 # Comments: 211

curl HTTP/3 security audit @ 2024-02-23 16:14:30

An external security audit focused especially on curl’s HTTP/3 components and associated source code was recently concluded by Trail of Bits. In particular on the HTTP/3 related curl code that uses and interfaces the ngtcp2 and nghttp3 libraries, as

Gotcha: Be careful how you shut down your dispatcher queues

old new thing @ 2024-02-23 16:00:00

The dispatcher queue thread isn't useful after it has shut down, so don't try anything. The post Gotcha: Be careful how you shut down your dispatcher queues appeared first on The Old New Thing .

Never-Repeating Tiles Can Safeguard Quantum Information

Quanta Magazine @ 2024-02-23 15:50:29

Two researchers have proved that Penrose tilings, famous patterns that never repeat, are mathematically equivalent to a kind of quantum error correction. The post Never-Repeating Tiles Can Safeguard Quantum Information first appeared on Quan

New Superconducting ‘Flowermon’ Qubit Boosts Stability of Quantum Information

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-23 14:06:52

Insider Brief Researchers published a paper describing a new superconducting qubit expected to increase coherence times in quantum processors. Terra Quantum announced the publication of the research paper that introduced the “flowermon” qubit. The team

Medio siglo

brucknerite @ 2024-02-23 13:00:00

Hoy hace cincuenta vueltas justas al Sol que, pasado un buen rato del mediodía en una clínica de Ciudad Real, mi pobre madre dio a luz un pedazo de carne con ojos pero sin pelo de cuatro kilos y medio.


AEON @ 2024-02-23 12:00:00

Science must become attuned to the subtle conversations that pervade all life, from the primordial to the present - by David Waltner-Toews Read at Aeon

Swift joins Google Summer of Code 2024

Swift blog @ 2024-02-23 11:00:00

We’re happy to announce that Swift will once again be joining Google Summer of Code 2024 ! Summer of Code is an annual program, organized by Google, which provides hands-on experience for newcomers contributing to open source projects. Participants usu

Yahoo Lays Off the Leaders of Engadget

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-23 03:31:59

Mia Sato, reporting for The Verge: Engadget, which is operated by Yahoo, will lay off 10 employees, according to people with knowledge of the situation who say staff were “blindsided” by the decision. In addition to cutting staff, the editorial team w

A knight’s tour of an infinite chessboard

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-23 03:05:52

Let ℤ² be the lattice of points in the plane with integer coordinates. You could think of these points as being the centers of the squares in a chessboard extending to infinity in every direction. Cantor tells us that the points in ℤ² are countable. What&

Apple Sports and Lock Screen Live Activities

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-23 02:19:38

Yesterday, in my piece on the new Apple Sports app, I wrote: Live activities for your lock screen are available, but Sports doesn’t — yet — offer any Home Screen widgets. A bunch of readers emailed to ask how to get Live Activities from Sports. T

Apple Sports Is Eddy Cue’s Baby

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-23 01:38:29

Jason Snell, writing at Six Colors: It turns out that those scores, fed from Apple to the TV app and the Apple TV and a few select other places, are from a data source that Eddy Cue also cares about a lot. He’s been pushing it to be as close to real t

Inside an Exploded Star

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-22 23:14:15

Cassiopeia A gets a close-up. The post Inside an Exploded Star appeared first on Nautilus .

What Your Brain Is Doing When You’re Not Doing Anything

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-22 23:01:59

On autopilot, the mind reveals new connections. The post What Your Brain Is Doing When You’re Not Doing Anything appeared first on Nautilus .

Like a Child, This Brain-Inspired AI Can Explain Its Reasoning

Singularity Hub @ 2024-02-22 22:16:46

Children are natural scientists. They observe the world, form hypotheses, and test them out. Eventually, they learn to explain their (sometimes endearingly hilarious) reasoning. AI, not so much. There’s no doubt that deep learning—a type of machine learnin

In Step Toward Quantum Networks, IonQ Generates Photons Entangled With Ions

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-22 19:50:45

Insider  Brief IonQ announced it has generated photons entangled with ions repeatedly and reproducibly. The company stated that this is a critical step toward creating future quantum systems to communicate and transfer information between each other. It

Harnessing the Power of Neutrality: Comparing Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing With Other Modalities

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-22 19:48:57

Quantum computing promises to dramatically increase processing power to tackle certain types of computational challenges, leveraging the strange and counterintuitive properties of quantum mechanics. What many people do not understand is that there is no

NEC and D-Wave Introduce New Quantum Offerings to Australian Market

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-22 17:45:56

Insider Brief NEC Australia and D-Wave Quantum Inc. are partnering to release two new quantum services to the Australian market. The services include quantum consultancy service and Leap™ Quantum Cloud Service. They will offer options for Australia’s co

Natural one-liners

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-22 16:58:10

I learned to use Unix in college—this was before Linux—but it felt a little mysterious. Clearly it was developed by really smart people, but what were the problems that motivated their design choices? Some of these are widely repeated. For exa

El potencial de Keymer (y III)

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-22 16:46:47

En una lucha entre dos de los sub 20 más brillantes del mundo, el alemán supera al indio Gukesh con claridad y rapidez desde la apertura

A New Agenda for Low-Dimensional Topology

Quanta Magazine @ 2024-02-22 16:32:38

This past October, dozens of mathematicians gathered in Pasadena to create the third version of “Kirby’s list” — a compendium of the most important unsolved problems in the field. The post A New Agenda for Low-Dimensional Topology first appea

Gotcha: Don’t forget to shut down your dispatcher queues

old new thing @ 2024-02-22 16:00:11

Keep that dispatcher queue controller around, or you'll never be able to clean up. The post Gotcha: Don’t forget to shut down your dispatcher queues appeared first on The Old New Thing .

Diraq Opens New Commercial Laboratory in Sydney to Propel Era of Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-22 15:25:40

Insider Brief Diraq announced the official opening of its new state-of-the-art commercial quantum computing laboratory located on the campus of UNSW in Sydney, Australia. The lab is 200 square meters and provides a low-vibration and interruption-free en

When is less data less private?

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-22 15:05:17

If I give you a database, I give you every row in the database. So if you delete some rows from the database, you have less information, not more, right? This seems very simple, and it mostly is, but there are a couple subtleties. A common measure in data

Quantum Vision Transformers

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-22 14:34:50

Quantum 8, 1265 (2024). In this work, quantum transformers are designed and analysed in detail by extending the state-of-the-art classical transformer neural network architectures known to be very performant in

Accelerating Quantum Algorithms with Precomputation

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-22 14:10:25

Quantum 8, 1264 (2024). Real-world applications of computing can be extremely time-sensitive. It would be valuable if we could accelerate such tasks by performing some of the work ahead of time. Motivated by th

Analogue Quantum Simulation with Fixed-Frequency Transmon Qubits

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-22 14:02:06

Quantum 8, 1263 (2024). We experimentally assess the suitability of transmon qubits with fixed frequencies and fixed interactions for the realization of analogue quantum simulations of spin systems. We test a s

Novo Nordisk Foundation Pledges DKK 150 Million to Build Research Center to Explore Quantum Sensing For Early Disease Detection, Prevention

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-22 13:49:42

Insider Brief Human health depends on our ability to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, but many conditions rarely exhibit symptoms early, including metabolic disorders, nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular conditions and brain diseases. The Copen

How Moral Values and Ethics Impact Software Delivery

InfoQ @ 2024-02-22 12:03:00

Ethics and morality ensure fairness and integrity, which according to Anton Angelov is crucial for software professionals and society. The rise of technological advances, globalization, and demographic changes pose challenges to maintaining moral values

Good chemistry

AEON @ 2024-02-22 12:01:00

The making of a revolution – the exciting history of the CRISPR gene-editing breakthrough, from the two women who did it - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon

Indexing the information age

AEON @ 2024-02-22 12:00:00

Over a weekend in 1995, a small group gathered in Ohio to unleash the power of the internet by making it navigable - by Monica Westin Read at Aeon

Bun Announces Cross-Platform Shell Scripting in JavaScript and TypeScript

InfoQ @ 2024-02-22 11:00:00

Bun recently announced the release of Bun Shell, offering JavaScript and TypeScript developers a cross-platform shell. This release aims to simplify the execution of shell scripts in JavaScript and TypeScript, providing a bash-like environment with featu

Sudo for Windows - Elevating Command Execution in Windows 11

InfoQ @ 2024-02-22 10:00:00

Microsoft announced that Sudo for Windows will be available in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26052. This tool transforms how users execute elevated commands directly from an unelevated console session. Sudo for Windows provides an intuitive

18K commits @ 2024-02-22 08:40:03

It took me 422 days to do my most recent 1,000 commits in the curl source code repository. Now at 18,001 commits. This is the most recent.

Coming Soon: Apple Immersive Video Film With Highlights of MLS 2023 Playoffs

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-22 03:36:17

Apple Newsroom, in a post announcing the kickoff of the MLS 2024 season: Coming soon, all Apple Vision Pro users can experience the best of the 2023 MLS Cup Playoffs with the first-ever sports film captured in Apple Immersive Video. Viewers will feel

★ Apple Sports

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-22 02:24:47

Apple Sports exemplifies why it’s a better idea to design smaller, more focused apps.

[Sponsor] Sonar Mac App for GitHub/GitLab Issues

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-22 01:19:29

Sonar is a new Mac app for GitHub and GitLab issues. We combined the lightweight UI of a to-do app with the power of enterprise-level issue tracking, all in a native app built by long-time Mac geeks. Sonar saves all your changes directly to GitHub/GitLa

Google Just Released Two Open AI Models That Can Run on Laptops

Singularity Hub @ 2024-02-22 00:25:52

Last year, Google united its AI units in Google DeepMind and said it planned to speed up product development in an effort to catch up to the likes of Microsoft and OpenAI. The stream of releases in the last few weeks follows through on that promise. Two we

Why Women Wake Up More During Surgery

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-21 23:51:55

New findings could influence anesthesia dosing for women. The post Why Women Wake Up More During Surgery appeared first on Nautilus .

How Airbnb Migrated from Buck to Bazel with Minimal Interference to Developers

InfoQ @ 2024-02-21 22:00:00

Following in the line of other organizations migrating their build pipelines to Bazel, Airbnb provided a detailed walk-through of the process that led them to leave Buck behind and improve both build times as well as project generation and loading times.

ChatGPT Is Funnier Than You

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-21 21:52:44

AI humor in theory and practice. The post ChatGPT Is Funnier Than You appeared first on Nautilus .

NVIDIA Accelerates Quantum Computing Exploration at Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-21 20:13:49

Insider Brief NVIDIA announced that Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre will add the NVIDIA® CUDA Quantum platform accelerated by NVIDIA Grace Hopper™ Superchips to its National Supercomputing and Quantum Computing Innovation Hub.  CUDA Qu

El potencial de Keymer (II)

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-21 19:47:04

Ejemplar victoria del juvenil alemán sobre Caruana en una partida rápida en la modalidad 960, con un remate preciso y muy elegante

Novel Solutions for Continuously Loading Large Atomic Arrays

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-21 19:13:38

Insider Brief Atom Computing researchers have invented a way to keep the atomic array at the heart of the company’s quantum computing technology continuously populated with qubits. The researchers released a paper describing how to assemble a 1,200-plus

Data Products, Data Contracts, and Change Data Capture

Confluent @ 2024-02-21 18:45:02

Discover how to build resilient data pipelines with Confluent Data Portal. Learn essential strategies for isolating upstream systems and empowering downstream consumers.

Apple Unveils Post-Quantum Secure Messaging With iMessage

The Quantum Insider @ 2024-02-21 17:57:15

Insider Brief Apple said its iMessage service is ready for post-quantum cryptographic era. In a company blog post, the Apple security team announced PQ3, a pioneering PQC protocol. iMessage with PQ3 secures not just the initial key exchange but all subs

Sumchecks and Snarks

Computational Complexity @ 2024-02-21 17:19:00

Last summer as I lamented that my research didn't have real world implications, one of the comments mentioned the sumcheck protocol used for zero-knowledge SNARKs. I tried to figure out the connection back then but got lost in technical papers.  W

A Multitalented Scientist Seeks the Origins of Multicellularity

Quanta Magazine @ 2024-02-21 16:16:55

The pathbreaking geneticist Cassandra Extavour pursues the secrets of multicellular life while balancing careers in both science and singing. The post A Multitalented Scientist Seeks the Origins of Multicellularity first appeared on Quanta

Once your object reaches final_release, you are committed to destructing it (eventually)

old new thing @ 2024-02-21 16:00:00

Don't try to resurrect it. The post Once your object reaches <CODE>final_release</CODE>, you are committed to destructing it (eventually) appeared first on The Old New Thing .

Taming the Rotating Wave Approximation

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-21 14:07:52

Quantum 8, 1262 (2024). The interaction between light and matter is one of the oldest research areas of quantum mechanics, and a field that just keeps on delivering new insights and applications. With the arriv

Gemma: Introducing new state-of-the-art open models

Deepmind @ 2024-02-21 14:06:16

Gemma is built for responsible AI development from the same research and technology used to create Gemini models.

Stabilizer Formalism for Operator Algebra Quantum Error Correction

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-21 14:00:46

Quantum 8, 1261 (2024). We introduce a stabilizer formalism for the general quantum error correction framework called operator algebra quantum error correction (OAQEC), which generalizes Gottesman's formul

DISPUTED, not REJECTED @ 2024-02-21 13:40:06

I keep insisting that the CVE system is broken and that the database of existing CVEs hosted by MITRE (and imported into lots of other databases) is full of questionable content and plenty of downright lies. A primary explanation for us being in this ugly

Grab Improves Kafka on Kubernetes Fault Tolerance with Strimzi, AWS AddOns and EBS

InfoQ @ 2024-02-21 13:30:00

Grab updated its Kafka on Kubernetes setup to improve fault tolerance and completely eliminate human intervention in case of unexpected Kafka broker terminations. To address the shortcomings of the initial design, the team integrated with AWS Node Termin

Scout’s honor

AEON @ 2024-02-21 12:01:00

‘It was a Boy Scout camp, and I was far from a Boy Scout’ – shadow puppetry illuminates a skater kid’s unforgettable summer - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon

Curso de Inteligencia Artificial Generativa

brucknerite @ 2024-02-21 10:00:00

Es una visión un tanto cínica, pero difícilmente evitable: uno aprende con el tiempo que las tecnologías que van a darle la vuelta a nuestra sociedad como un calcetín, a decir de los pregoneros de los medios, son una y otra vez mentira, exageración o inclu

This Week in Rust 535

This Week in Rust @ 2024-02-21 06:00:00

Hello and welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust ! Rust is a programming language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. This is a weekly summary of its progress and community. Want something mentioned? Tag us at @ThisWee

Agent-Based Models (Part 6)

John Carlos Baez @ 2024-02-21 04:59:09

Today I’d like to start explaining an approach to stochastic time evolution for ‘state charts’, a common approach to agent based models. This is ultimately supposed to interact well with Kris Brown’s cool ideas on formulating state

Agent-Based Models (Part 6)

Physics Phorums @ 2024-02-21 04:59:09

Today I’d like to start explaining an approach to stochastic time evolution for ‘state charts’, a common approach to agent based models. This is ultimately supposed to interact well with Kris Brown’s cool ideas on formulating state

ZK Grants Round

Ethereum blog @ 2024-02-21 01:00:00

The Ethereum Foundation is thrilled to announce a collaborative grant round with Aztec, Polygon, Scroll, Taiko, and zkSync to develop Zero Knowledge public goods projects. Each co-funder of the grant round has contributed 150K USD in funds, bringing the to

Rust participates in Google Summer of Code 2024

Rust blog @ 2024-02-21 01:00:00

We're writing this blog post to announce that the Rust Project will be participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 . If you're not eligible or interested in participating in GSoC, then most of this post likely isn't relevant to you; if you are, th

People Who Can’t Picture Sound in Their Minds

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-20 21:17:49

For some, the brain is a quiet place. The post People Who Can’t Picture Sound in Their Minds appeared first on Nautilus .

Inside Scientists’ Life-Saving Prediction of the Iceland Eruption

Quanta Magazine @ 2024-02-20 16:27:49

The Reykjanes Peninsula has entered a new volcanic era. Innovative efforts to map and monitor the subterranean magma are saving lives. The post Inside Scientists’ Life-Saving Prediction of the Iceland Eruption first appeared on Quanta Magazi

Microspeak: Closing out, duping out

old new thing @ 2024-02-20 16:00:00

Making work items no longer appear on a query. The post Microspeak: Closing out, duping out appeared first on The Old New Thing .

Hierarchical generalization of dual unitarity

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-20 15:43:10

Quantum 8, 1260 (2024). Quantum dynamics with local interactions in lattice models display rich physics, but is notoriously hard to study. Dual-unitary circuits allow for exact answers to interesting physical q

A hybrid quantum algorithm to detect conical intersections

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-20 15:32:41

Quantum 8, 1259 (2024). Conical intersections are topologically protected crossings between the potential energy surfaces of a molecular Hamiltonian, known to play an important role in chemical processes such a

Oracle Graal Cloud Native 4.2.1 Brings Java 21 Support, New Cloud Integrations, and More

InfoQ @ 2024-02-20 15:30:00

Oracle has released the Graal Cloud Native 4.2.1, its own build of the open source Micronaut framework. This version brings support for Java 21 including Graal Native Image, cloud integration with Google Cloud Platform, new guides for Google Cloud, launc

Google Renames Bard to Gemini

InfoQ @ 2024-02-20 15:00:00

Google announced that their Bard chatbot will now be called Gemini. The company also announced the launch of Gemini Advanced, the largest version of their Gemini language model, along with two new mobile apps for interacting with the model. By Anthony

Additive functions

The Endeavour @ 2024-02-20 13:04:57

A function f from positive integers to real numbers is defined to be additive if for relatively prime numbers m and n, f(mn) = f(m) + f(n). The function f is called completely addititive if the above holds for all positive integers m and n, i.e. we drop t

El potencial de Keymer (I)

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-20 12:50:02

El sub 20 alemán muestra una progresión lenta pero muy consistente, ya está en la élite y también brilla en la modalidad 960

Liberal socialism now

AEON @ 2024-02-20 12:00:00

As the crisis of democracy deepens, we must return to liberalism’s revolutionary and egalitarian roots - by Matthew McManus Read at Aeon

On-device ML research with MLX and Swift

Swift blog @ 2024-02-20 11:00:00

The Swift programming language has a lot of potential to be used for machine learning research because it combines the ease of use and high-level syntax of a language like Python with the speed of a compiled language like C++. MLX is an array framewor

AWS Introduces an Experimental Low Latency Runtime for Faster, More Efficient Serverless Apps

InfoQ @ 2024-02-20 11:00:00

AWS recently open-sourced its JavaScript runtime, called LLRT (Low Latency Runtime), an experimental, lightweight JavaScript runtime designed to address the growing demand for fast and efficient Serverless applications. By Steef-Jan Wiggers

Loco is a New Framework for Rust Inspired by Rails

InfoQ @ 2024-02-20 04:00:00

Loco is a new framework inspired by Rails, that allows developers to write MVC-style applications in Rust. Loco builds on the comprehensive Rust ecosystem to enhance the application development experience. Rust's language features, such as concurrency, s

Allocation Update - Q4 2023

Ethereum blog @ 2024-02-20 01:00:00

Even as we embrace the new year, the contributions of our Q4 2023 grantees are not forgotten! Explore the funded projects listed in the table below:...

There Were 3D Cameras Capturing the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-19 23:33:58

Malcom Owen, writing for AppleInsider: Owners of the Apple Vision Pro may get a lot more basketball content to watch using the headset, with the NBA Slam Dunk Contest offering a close look at a camera used to capture the immersive video. [...] In a

What Are the Chances?

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-19 23:16:01

There are no such things as coincidences. The post What Are the Chances? appeared first on Nautilus .

Attorney for the Animals, Your Honor

Nautilus blog @ 2024-02-19 22:58:23

In memory of Steve Wise, a tireless defender of animal rights. The post Attorney for the Animals, Your Honor appeared first on Nautilus .

AWS Weekly Roundup — AWS Control Tower new API, TLS 1.3 with API Gateway, Private Marketplace Catalogs, and more — February 19, 2024

AWS Blog @ 2024-02-19 19:53:45

Over the past week, our service teams have continued to innovate on your behalf, and a lot has happened in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) universe that I want to tell you about. I’ll also share about all the AWS Community events and initiatives that are hap

No olvidemos a Abdusattórov

Partidas ajedrez El País @ 2024-02-19 18:30:17

El juvenil uzbeko, entre los más brillantes y prometedores del mundo, admira a Kaspárov pero tiene un estilo que recuerda al de Kárpov

How to Migrate Your Data to Timescale (3 Ways)

Timescale blog @ 2024-02-19 17:34:52

Migrate to Timescale by importing data from a CSV file, using pg_dump & pg_restore, or with minimal downtime through our live migration strategy.

Why can’t I trigger a manual blue screen crash by injecting the magic key sequence?

old new thing @ 2024-02-19 16:00:00

It has to come from the physical keyboard, because that's the code that detects the magic key sequence. The post Why can’t I trigger a manual blue screen crash by injecting the magic key sequence? appeared first on The Old New Thing .


AEON @ 2024-02-19 12:01:00

‘If we have any chance at all, then this is our chance – that we become calm’: a Zen Buddhist meditates on humanity’s fate - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon

The moral risks of fandom

AEON @ 2024-02-19 12:00:00

Players, coaches and team owners sometimes do terrible things. What, if anything, should their fans do about that? - by Jake Wojtowicz & Alfred Archer Read at Aeon

Reqomp: Space-constrained Uncomputation for Quantum Circuits

Quantum Journal @ 2024-02-19 11:26:13

Quantum 8, 1258 (2024). Quantum circuits must run on quantum computers with tight limits on qubit and gate counts. To generate circuits respecting both limits, a promising opportunity is exploiting $uncomputati

.NET Aspire Preview 3: Expanded Component Support with Azure OpenAI, MySQL, CosmosDB, Kafka and More

InfoQ @ 2024-02-19 10:40:00

Last week, Microsoft revealed the availability of the .NET Aspire - third preview. Preview 3 brings changes including UI improvements to the dashboard, and new component support for Azure OpenAI, Kafka, Oracle, MySQL, CosmosDB & Orleans, and many more.

Vídeos beta y coches de hidrógeno

brucknerite @ 2024-02-19 10:00:00

La petrolera Shell cierra sus hidrogeneras para turismos en California. Eran siete de 55, un 13 % del total, pero pone las cosas un poco más difíciles para los actuales propietarios de coches de pila de combustible

Well Temperaments (Part 5)

John Carlos Baez @ 2024-02-19 07:25:03

Okay, let’s study Kirnberger’s three well-tempered tuning systems! I introduced them last time, but now I’ve developed a new method for drawing tuning systems, which should help us understand them better. As we’ve seen, tuning theor

Well Temperaments (Part 5)

Physics Phorums @ 2024-02-19 07:25:03

Okay, let’s study Kirnberger’s three well-tempered tuning systems! I introduced them last time, but now I’ve developed a new method for drawing tuning systems, which should help us understand them better. As we’ve seen, tuning theor

Nylas for Email and Calendar APIs

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-19 03:20:34

My thanks to Nylas for sponsoring last week at DF. Nylas just launched v3 of their API last week. They rebuilt an already-great API platform with the developer experience and productivity in mind — redefining what a modern API should look like. Nylas offe

Epic Games Store Coming to iOS This Year in the EU

Daring Fireball @ 2024-02-19 03:17:09

Epic Games, in their 2023 year in review: We’ve received our Apple Developer Account and will start developing the Epic Games Store on iOS soon thanks to the new Digital Markets Act. We plan to launch in 2024. Epic Games Sweden AB will operate the mob

2023 Annual Rust Survey Results

Rust blog @ 2024-02-19 01:00:00

Hello, Rustaceans! The Rust Survey Team is excited to share the results of our 2023 survey on the Rust Programming language , conducted between December 18, 2023 and January 15, 2024. As in previous years, the 2023 State of Rust Survey was focused on g